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To win- to be successful or victorious in a contest or conflict. To survive- to continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship. To thrive- to prosper or flourish. Those three elements are yours for the taking. Within this website I will share with you all the knowledge I have acquired in the years of training and coaching; experience that was hard to come by and time intensive. From local champions to international and world champions, I have successfully trained men and women in both the sport arena as well as vital self defense. My goal has always been to change and in some cases save lives, just as my life has been changed (and saved) by the techniques and tactics I have learned.
Something you should know: Tony Cecchine's American Catch Wrestling — while adaptable to sport competition — is first and foremost reality based. I learned to defend myself on the streets, long before the thought of MMA competition had entered the collective mindset. My learning was raw, intense, severe, and came with one caveat...everything goes. I am proud to share with you my experiences, techniques, and tactics in an environment where you are free to take the knowledge to whatever level you feel comfortable.

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Since the dawn of man, humans have instinctively developed strategies to improve their chances of survival, be it against wild animals, natural disaster, or fellow man.  As they progressed, sporting type events were developed as an outlet for social exchange, competition, and even aggression. In particular, track and field, boxing, and wrestling share a long history of existence and their effectiveness was so pronounced as to be used in military endeavors as well. What is also interesting to note is that from its earliest inception, scandal was also attached to the sportsman. And that scandal has continued to exist to this very day.
They say there is nothing new under the sun, and perhaps that is true. But with each subsequent generation, modifications, improvements, abandonment, and other changes can significantly alter the landscape to make at times, what was previously know seem almost unrecognizable. It has been my life's quest to preserve as well as update the teachings of previous masters and experts in my field, and to present the pinnacle of fighting expertise to those who so choose to be interested.

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The finest Catch Wrestling and self defense training available anywhere, and now it is more convenient than you ever thought possible. What you will receive is in essence a personal HOUSE CALL training environment. You will learn at your pace, from the convenience of your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.
This is a completely online training environment based on a membership website. What you will receive is prepared weekly video lessons based on the legendary LOST ART OF HOOKING Video series, the world's finest Catch Wrestling instructional series. But what's more, it is updated with fresh commentary and input to guide you even further than a mere DVD can do. Plus, there are 3 scheduled video tips each week (and who knows, there could be more!), a forum for building a community of like minded individuals, and much more. Never before has such an opportunity presented itself.
Fitness, strength, psychology, sport, self-defense...you name it and it will be covered. Take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts.


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About Tony Cecchine


In 2006, Tony Cecchine was recognized by Black Belt Magazine as one of the 20 Greatest Street Fighters in the World. top20


Tony Cecchine has been involved with American Catch As Catch Can Wrestling (Catch Wrestling) since 1977.  The late, great Lou Thesz, considered by many as the greatest Catch Wrestler of all-time, dubbed Tony Cecchine a “hooker,” recognizing Tony’s submission and wrestling skills as the highest a Catch Wrestler could achieve. Tony has received praise from other luminaries such as Doug Blubaugh, Mark Schultz, and “Judo” Gene LeBell, to name a few — and Tony Cecchine

Tony began studying Catch Wrestling in his hometown of Cleveland when he was only 13 years old. Old-time strongman and wrestler Stanley Radwan spent five years teaching Tony the secrets of Catch Wrestling. Tony quickly learned the importance of conditioning and mastering the fundamentals of wrestling, body movement, leverage, and conditioning. In the years that followed, Tony learned the whole of Catch Wrestling’s brutally efficient arsenal: arm locks, chokes, neck cranks, leg locks, spine, hip, and muscle attacks, strikes, gouging, rips, and more. He didn’t learn from books or tapes; rather, he learned from a master and then was forced to put his training to the test on the streets of Cleveland and, later, Chicago.

For the nearly two decades that followed, Tony continued practicing his skills in real life situations, while teaching myriad stylists of different arts. He has had the opportunity to use his techniques while acting as bodyguard, bouncer,  and escort. No other self-proclaimed Catch Wrestler approaches Tony in either real world experience or in understanding of both the intricacies of hooking and its place in an overall integrated fighting system built on wrestling and boxing fundamentals.

His knowledge of street fighting, tactical skills, and combatives has led to significant praise from martial arts circles. More, he has continued his study of Catch Wrestling over the intervening decades, developing new and unique approaches to addressing modern day threats and scenarios. Tony has successfully used and taught his techniques to members of the police, armed forces, and other civil organizations. Tony has also trained countless men from styles such as BJJ, Boxing, Judo, Karate, Sambo, and amateur wrestling. He himself is  trained in amateur boxing and traditional martial arts and is an avid power lifter and coach. He is also an avid jazz musician and pool player.

Tony’s instructional DVDs have received rave reviews from some of the martial arts communities’ most well-respected members. He has trained both professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters and other professional athletes to go along with the regular Joes his training has transformed into elite fighters secure in their own abilities and thoroughly confident in their own skins. As one online reviewer said of Tony Cecchine and his art, “his philosophy is simple……submission, submission, submission.”


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